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Time Travel....What an original idea!

That's where you can buy my time travel book. :)


Live Action Dr Horrible

The ACT Theatre in Seattle is once again performing the LIVE ACTION DR HORRIBLE! This is the LAST WEEKEND to see it (10th - 12th). http://www.acttheatre.org/Shows/OnStage/DrHorriblesSingAlongBlog

I can't believe this didn't grab my attention sooner. Perhaps the robots that check my e-mail forgot...yes, that's it.

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Twitter for HorribleCon

Anyone who is a TRUE henchman/henchwoman will follow us (blindly) at http://twitter.com/horriblecon

Still tinkering with the idea of a viewing party during Steamcon in Seattle/Seatac. The dates are November 19th, 20th, and the 21st...

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Next Horrible Con during Steamcon

I will host the next Horrible Con viewing party during Steamcon (at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center), so pick your favorite day November 19th (Friday), November 20th (Saturday), or November 21st (Sunday)! The reason why? Anything with goggles = steampunk! More details here: http://www.steamcon.org/


UPDATE 8/23/10: Thanks to successful ad campaigns for world domination, we now have 75+ fans on facebook. Mwa! Ha! And ha!

Esther here, bringing you pictures and stats. I kept a pretty exciting photo blog of the 1st party. Or maybe it just seemed exciting since we kept eating cake every time the internet was buffering. We watched the prequel "Horrible Turn." All the photos are here:
All of this info is posted in detail at the Facebook page. Facebook really needs to have shorter (& more intuitive) web links because posting them is tedious.
Here are the stats that made me horribly happy (regarding our facebook fans):
Top Countries
United States - 39
United Kingdom - 1

Top Cities
Seattle - 11

Top Languages
English (US)- 36
English (UK)- 3
Latin - 1

Viewing Party #1

There's a possible viewing party this weekend at the Red Lion hotel in Olympia, WA. The date is Saturday July 31st and the time is TBA. You can RSVP here or on facebook.


Profile updates!

I updated our LJ profile page (http://community.livejournal.com/horrible_con/profile) with "interests" & the following description: What started as a "small party" to watch Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long blog is starting to look like a mini-con, with multiple small viewing parties (at conventions or "just because"). Everywhere I go, I lobby for weird causes and get a little progress each time (i.e. chicken rights activism, wellness choir for state employees, etc). When I think about WHY I love and relate to the characters in Dr Horrible...I realize it speaks to that weird little kid inside me that wanted to change the world...but was told "That's horrible!" Something fills your heart when you allow that little kid to sing.

-Esther "Musician" Mathison (katecrust)

P.S. I love organizing things, KTHXBAI
P.P.S. We're going to do our best to uphold copyright laws. "Mutant Enemy Productions" owns the rights, and our HorribleCons will make NO PROFIT and always be free. If our parties grow 10+ people, we need to jump through additional legal hoops. For now, we're just scheming and dreaming.

Horrible Mission #1 Graphic Arts

In case you missed it in the updated FAQ (http://community.livejournal.com/horrible_con/381.html), we need volunteers!

The first mission is to make LJ icons (100x100 jpgs) and other art. You can use my pics/flyers as templates or do something totally new! Only one pic so far:



"HORRIBLE CON" FAQ (Updated 7/14/10 for typos)

Esther "Musician" Mathison, inspired by "Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog." She participated in PAX 2009/2010, Steamcon 2009/2010, and Rustycon 2010. As she meets more people at conventions, more people want to get involved.

It's all in planning stages, but it'll start with little viewing parties, with cooperation from conventions wherever possible. Esther's personal venue contacts range from Chehalis to Olympia to Seattle to Bellevue. Some of the fans know or work at super groovy hotels. So I guess the short answer is "Pacific Northwest."

HOW IS THIS DONE? LEGALLY? (Updated 7/11/10)
Per my fancy lawyer dude, we can't charge money or make money. That's 110% cool with me and my original vision. But! As soon as our parties exceed 10+ people, we start walking into a legal gray area (copyright law) that get darker as numbers grow.
For now, just volunteer and give feedback.

WHAT STUFF CAN I DO TO HELP (Updated 7/11/10):
-Graphic Arts (get this page prettier! We need icons! Stat!)
-Become a fancy lawyer
-Be a volunteer admin (there's only so much I can do with mobile apps on my trusted Android)
-Offer space for parties (i.e. your hotel room during a convention)
-Offer snacks
-Offer compliments
-Offer feedback (but please be nice or this page will change it's posting privileges and right now its open.)
-Spread the word

WHY: Because we're all weird, but none of us are really "horrible."


CAN MY GUN LOOK REAL: No. Absolutely Not. No way.

I HAVE A DIFFERENT QUESTION: Leave a comment in response to this FAQ. If it's private, send a personal message on livejournal (horrible_con or katecrust).