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horrible_con's Journal

HorribleCon: "The Status is NOT quo"
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Small "Dr Horrible" parties mutating into "mini-cons" participating in larger cons whenever possible
What started as a "small party" to watch Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long blog is starting to look like a mini-con, with multiple small viewing parties (at conventions or "just because"). Everywhere I go, I lobby for weird causes and get a little progress each time (i.e. chicken rights activism, wellness choir for state employees, etc). When I think about WHY I love and relate to the characters in Dr Horrible...I realize it speaks to that weird little kid inside me that wanted to change the world...but was told "That's horrible!" Something fills your heart when you allow that little kid to sing.

-Esther "Musician" Mathison katecrust

P.S. I love organizing things, KTHXBAI
P.P.S. We're going to do our best to uphold copyright laws. "Mutant Enemy Productions" owns the rights, and our HorribleCons will make NO PROFIT and always be free. If our parties grow 10+ people, we need to jump through additional legal hoops. For now, we're just scheming and dreaming.